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Stadium Speed Trucks - SST

posted May 23, 2012, 8:39 PM by Marque Division   [ updated May 23, 2012, 8:39 PM ]
Robby Gordon SpeedEnergy Baja meets Bigfoot. SST stands for Stadium SUPER Trucks or Stadium Speed trucks which takes OFF-ROAD Racing to the next level. Stadium SUPER Trucks is a entertainment show that brings all the fundamentals of baja desert racing to YOU, the racing fan if you never have had the opportunity to witness 1st hand. SST also brings BIGFOOT® – The Original Monster Truck back to life to be part of the show. SST Racing’s field consists of 30 custom-made trucks, specifically made for stadiums and built by the off-road legend, Robby Gordon. Gordon, a one time champion of the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Series is revitalizing Thompson’s series and making it BIGGER, BETTER and BADDER. The difference between other series and desert off-road racing is the concept of no teams. This means each truck is built and maintained by SST Racing. All trucks are built exactly the same and is dyno-ed before each event to keep an even playing field for each driver. Before each SST event, a driver will draw for his chassis number and will be dyno-ed on the spot, inspected by a SST official and ready for the provided driver’s sponsored body panels. Each driver is allow 3 fully decaled sponsored body kits for each event. Each driver with his two allowed crew members are then allowed to adjust their shocks, springs, steering and seating position. Any other unapproved adjustments to the trucks are detrimental to SST Racing and will not be tolerated.

USAC Racing (United States Auto Club) is the sanctioning body of Stadium SUPER Trucks. The United States Auto Club adds a superior level of professionalism to the series. USAC will play a major role in series operations just as it does in the K&N Silver Crown Sereis, National Sprint Car Series, Mopar Midget Nationals, Ford Focus and 1/4 Midget Series.

SST is changing the game of off-road by offering real racers real cash. SST has the biggest pay-out in off-road offering $50,000 to the winner every Saturday night. The season is 10 races ranging from January to June and the overall points Champion will walk away will $500,000! Off-Road in Stadium SUPER Trucks will no longer be about bragging rights.
Where will SST go?

Stadium SUPER Trucks is planning a tentative schedule that include several metropolitan areas across the west coast of the country. Stadiums like Los Angeles Coliseum, San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium are already on the 2013 schedule for multiple events plus an opportunity to become part of the historic Long Beach Grand Prix weekend festivities and a possibility of a season opener happening right on the Las Vegas Strip with metal jumps!

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