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The story of Trophy Truck Racing

posted Oct 22, 2014, 1:55 PM by Trophy Truck   [ updated Oct 22, 2014, 2:41 PM ]
First documentary to tell the story of trophy truck racing
Trophy Truck documentary to tell the story of trophy truck racing. This video profiles the rapidly growing Australian off road racing scene, from the perspective of one of its most successful drivers, Brad Gallard. The film brings viewers face-to-face with the reality of what it takes to succeed in off-road racing, a rare insight into the physical and mental demands of tackling the toughest tracks in Australia. Get some feedback as Brad Gallard prepares for the infamous Finke Desert Race.
According to the Team Toyo’s blog drives Brad Gallard a Peter Kittle Motor Sport’s NASCAR powered Trophy Truck 2015. It is a Jimco powered by a snarling, NASCAR-spec, Toyota Racing Development PH9 V8. (The truck shown at Brad Gallard's Facebook page features a bowtie so the 2014 truck may be different. Info we syndicate here is from Toyo blog dated 7. August 2014)
Transferring that power to the dirt is an especially designed Albins ST6 high-speed sequential gearbox. The stout, compact ST6 was originally designed to do battle in V8 Supercars.
Stopping force is applied via Alcon rotors and calipers.
The big stoppers are capable of clawing the truck down for those tight, scrub covered turns that so often follow 200km/h+ straights.
The truck’s lightweight rims will be shod exclusively with Toyo M/T-R’s, a race version of Toyo’s Open Country M/Ts. The team will start with the 37 inch tire and intends to graduate to the 39 inch, dependent on track conditions
Even the mildest of trophy trucks is a wild animal, and I can think of no one better equipped to tame the new PKMS brute than Brad Gallard

Credits: Images Toyo Australia Blog & Brad Gallard Facebook
NASCAR-spec, Toyota Racing Development PH9 V8