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posted Jun 15, 2012, 7:38 AM by Marque Division   [ updated Jun 15, 2012, 7:56 AM ]
TSCO Racing Trophy Truck Team
TSCO Racing Pit/Team Manager Michael Baranowski posted the following statement, therefor all credits for this content belong to him. it was original posted at the race Drama Zen Ther (RDC)  -  Quote: "Yes we have posted a bunch of race vehilces and chase vehicles for sale here as well as craigs list, and trader pub. WE ARE NOT GETTING OUT OF RACING! We have purchased new box trucks, and new chase trucks already, so the old must go.
As for our race vehicles... We have 3 Trophy trucks, 1 Class one, and 2 Raptor prerunners here at the shop.... They all want to be raced...they told me (I'm here late sometimes). Two Weyhrichs can't race them all! Time to liquidate and go from there. We will be racing V2R, BITD Parker2, Baja 1000, Henderson with one truck. As for next year... It's back to 2 trucks... but only time will tell what trucks they may be"

The Trophy Trucks available are:

TSCO Geiser 1 Trophy Truck for sale. Last Race 5th place Baja 500. Raced by TSCO since 2008. Contact John Vance for further information. Can be sold many ways: Complete with Patton Ford, Complete with Dugans Chevy, Roller w/ no motor or trans. Has Fox shox, spare parts. Talk to John Vance, he can make a package deal right for you. It's time to build our own so this one must go.


TSCO Jimco Trophy Truck: It's time to build our own!! Price is negotiable depending on state of current prep/build. Some spares, 2 bodies. Contact John Vance for further information regarding it's condition.

You would need to contact John Vance which is listed with this San Diego phone number 619-334-3374 or visit the TSCO website and look for their contact details www.tscoracing.com
Disclaimer: This are not sales ads from us or by this team but plain and simple information about ongoing affairs within the Trophy Truck Universe which is not that big. We are not connected with Team TSCO